TTC Sucks

So trying to get pregnant sucks. Been trying for a year now. But between something potentially wrong with me, and my fiancĂ© battling depression, it’s been a rough go. The fertility clinic is sending me for an HSG. However, they only do them on friday mornings and they only do 8 a day. Ugh…… sucks! Second month of trying to book te test. Hopefully I will get in soon. All for now.

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No sleep

Sleep. Such a simple and everyday thing. But for some of us it just doesn’t seem to be easy. I work all day and come home tired. Yet if I manage to nap I end up awake all night. but if I wait till I am tired, I don’t get to bed till after midnight.

My week has been rather frustrating. Work is good but I am so tired that i don’t function. I have been noticing that I am unfocused alot. Could be sleep, could be lack of proper nutrition, probably both. I find I have been asking I lot of questions. Stupid ones. Questions I know the answer to. I don’t know guess I am just tired and stressed. Well all for now.

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Tooth Pain

So I had a bad tooth. You know the kind, no pain but bad enough that it is due to start. Well I am a “non-freezer” so I ended up with a mouth full of needles. It has taken a total of two weeks for the pain in my gums to actually go away. I still have to go back for more work but it should be much better next time.

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